Fingerprint Door Lock Price In Bangladesh: Value for Money Options


Finding value for money options for Fingerprint Door Locks in Bangladesh ensures you get the best combination of quality and affordability. In this guide, we’ll explore some fingerprint door lock options that offer excellent value for money, providing reliable security features without breaking the bank.

1. Anviz L100 II

  • Price Range: $80 – $120
  • Features: The Anviz L100 II offers essential security features at an affordable price. It includes fingerprint and RFID card access, anti-tamper alarm, and low battery notification. With its budget-friendly price and reliable performance, the Anviz L100 II is an excellent value for money option.

2. ZKTeco TL400B

  • Price Range: $100 – $150
  • Features: The ZKTeco TL400B strikes a balance between affordability and functionality. It features fingerprint and RFID card access, anti-peep password protection, and a user-friendly interface. With its competitive price and advanced security features, the ZKTeco TL400B offers excellent value for money.


  • Price Range: $50 – $80
  • Features: The BIOLOCK BL100 is a basic yet reliable fingerprint door lock that doesn’t compromise on security. It offers fingerprint and PIN code access, auto-locking, and easy installation. Despite its budget-friendly price, the BIOLOCK BL100 provides good value for money with its essential security features.


  • Price Range: $120 – $180
  • Features: The HIKVISION DS-K1T671 offers a combination of affordability and durability. It features fingerprint and RFID card access, weatherproof construction, and reliable performance. With its mid-range price and robust security features, the HIKVISION DS-K1T671 provides excellent value for money.

5. Samsung SHS-H705

  • Price Range: $150 – $200
  • Features: While slightly higher in price, the Samsung SHS-H705 offers advanced security features and sleek design. It features fingerprint scanning technology, keyless entry, and additional security options such as intrusion alarm and automatic locking. With its premium features and competitive price, the Samsung SHS-H705 delivers excellent value for money.


Finding value for money options for Fingerprint Door Locks in Bangladesh is possible with models like the Anviz L100 II, ZKTeco TL400B, BIOLOCK BL100, HIKVISION DS-K1T671, and Samsung SHS-H705. By considering both the price and features of these locks, you can choose the option that best fits your security needs and budget, ensuring peace of mind without overspending.

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